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Nova 2000 Respirator

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RPB Safety       

Safety above all else

The high standards required of modern work environments make onsite health and safety a priority. Aside from the obvious injuries to valued people, there are the potential costs of business interruption, non-compliance, and the risk to company reputation to be considered. The NOVA 2000™ Advanced Abrasive Blasting Helmet mimimizes the risk to your people, and your business.

Comfortable Kit - Clear Thinking

A comfortable respirator system dramatically reduces worker fatigue and increases productivity. The NOVA 2000™ is the most comfortable blasting helmet available. Lightweight pillow foam padding provides maximum comfort and reduces outside noise to a minimum. A soft breathable inner cape allows perfect airflow while keeping out contaminants. The advanced Air Duct Distribution System creates a constant flow of breathable air, prevents fogging and keeps workers cool. The large, double lens offers optimum vision without irritating side glare. Every feature of the NOVA 2000™ has been designed, manufactured and tested to ensure workers’ safety and comfort under even the most demanding conditions.

Try the comfort of the NOVA 2000™ and you’ll instantly appreciate why abrasive blasting companies worldwide have chosen it as their respirator of choice to reduce worker fatigue and maximize productivity.

"FIT AND SAVE™" System Boosts Productivity

The NV2017 Tear off Lenses system is a unique "FIT AND SAVE™" system of pre-folded tabs. This means workers can quickly tear off just one, layered, lens at a time. Contractors have reported a time saving of over 45 minutes a day per blaster using the RPB "FIT AND SAVE™" system, and a resulting increase in productivity.